Chest of Drawers

If there’s one thing we could use more of, it’s bedroom storage. We hate seeing our clothes and other items messed about our sleeping area. The best bedroom storage option is to use a chest of drawers. You can literally fit any of your bedroom items in there –from pillows to clothes to snacks to toiletries. Cleaning is made easier too! Drawers hide your stuff away from dust while providing adequate insulation. A chest of drawers is great for aesthetics too! A wooden drawer set makes an ideal placement for your décor such as photo frames and indoor plants. It can also double as a bedside table.

We tend to choose drawers that are at least 3 tiers high. Go for the traditional look with rounded drawer handles or choose the contemporary styling with clean, hidden lines for handles. We prefer using leather straps for our drawers. Leather is durable and adds a tactile rugged feel to each time we open or close a drawer. Whatever your choice, a chest of drawers will add character and functionality to your bedroom.

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