Coat Rack & Hangers

As superheroes hang up their capes after crime-fighting, so we hang up our coats after a long day out. What a great way to leave our cares, worries and weathering at the door! Coat racks and hangers provide placement for jumpers, coats, bags and umbrellas upon entering the home.The beauty of hallway furniture such as hangers is the ability to blend in to an entrance area. While most of us tend to hide our coat racks and wall hooks behind our door or at a discreet place, you don’t have to.

It’s natural to have a little organised mess in your hallway. It’s a sign that you do move in and out of the home. So, what style should you choose? For starters, look into the varieties of hall stands, valet stands, umbrella stands and wall hooks and hangers. Choose materials that fit in with your overall theme. Wood and timber goes along with any type of surrounding while metal and leather add maximum style points. Whatever your preference, you can find it in our selection below.

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