Nothing says home like a warm, soft rug under your feet. We pay little attention to rugs but yet they serve an interesting purpose particularly in the heart of the home. Like an elegant backdrop to your furniture, a decent sized rug completes the perfect home setting. Rugs also form a layer of protection for our floors, keeping away dust and change in temperature that may lead to wear and tear. For those of us who go barefoot at home, a soft rug such as a faux fur rug or shag rug is a well-deserved reward to our tired feet.

Much like any other home accessories, rugs have huge varieties. The most common we see are the Modern & Contemporary rugs, Bohemian, Coastal, Hide & Faux Fur rugs and Traditional & Oriental styles. You’ll have plenty of options for styling with just the themes alone. Shopping for rugs is equally exciting. We at L3Home have compiled a guide below on what to look for when choosing your ideal rug. Go ahead and choose from our curated rug styles below.

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