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Live the Experience

The secret to stylish quality furniture lies in how much we love where we live. At L3 Home we are all too familiar with this as we are customers as well. Indulge in a world of sights, sounds, smells and touch at our new studio in Melbourne - an amalgmation of trendsetting, fresh designs, artisan craftsmanship and personalised service coupled with the convenience of online shopping.
We understand that there are few things as satisfying as browsing instore. With a wide array of ever-evolving products on display at our studio, not only can you get touchy-feely when the decisions get tough, but also customise from a wide array of fabrics & colours, delve into the wrold of natural timbers and all the little nuances that come togehter to make a house a home. Experience a hands-on tour of our eclectic styles paired with modern smart home voice-activated controls bringing you one step closer towards the future of Australian living. It is the perfect setting to live the experience before taking the next step.
Our studio is open by appointment only. Book your one on one visit at the form below and a member of our team will get back to you to confirm.
Rack of Chairs at L3 Home Studio

Book an Appointment

To make an appointment simply book online, send an email to .

Studio Address

31-39 Norcal Road


Opening hours

Monday - Sunday, 9am - 5pm

Wheelchair access on ground floor only.

By Appointment Only

Booking Details will only be given upon confirmation

L3 Home

31-39 Norcal Road


By Appointment Only

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Consultation Experience

Our Studio is a signature combination of conventional shopping with innovative technologies and a modern, online twist. Here you will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with our expert Style Consultants who will guide you on your journey and bring to life “your happy place”. Explore our wide variety of personalised styles & collections, right at your fingertips.


All items on display in our Studio are carefully curated by our team of in-house designers to reflect the current season and trends, every evolving throughout the year. Every layout embodies the essence of L3 Home – to like where you are, live the way you want, and ultimately, to love your home and call it your own.


Though we may not have our entire range to on display due to space limitations, our stylists are ready to help you navigate with the selection in-store and are  backed up by the full collection on our webstore.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can expect to be welcomed by a professional stylist who will sit with you to develop a concept that works with your space and ideas. There is ample free car parking on-site and plenty of coffee inside to keep you going!

Sure! Go ahead and picture yourself living the life! Feel free to upload it to social media too – Instagram Stories or Facebook Live. Don’t forget to tag us @L3_home.

Length of appointments can vary depending on the size and scale of the project we are helping you with. Please allow a minimum of 45 minutes if you need help selecting 1-3 core pieces and more time if you require help with an entire room.

If you like it, love it and can’t wait to live it, then of course you can order it straight away. There may even be unique incentives available only instore, just ask our friendly styling consultants ;-)

But if you need more time, there’s no rush at all. Take some fabric samples, photos & mood boards home and our team will be able to assist you via phone, email, Instagram or Facebook Messenger – whatever your preference.

To help us bring your vision to life please bring with you;

  • Your design ideas, what look you hope to achieve, pictures of rooms that inspire you.

  • A floorplan or measurements of the space(s) you are redecorating (please include any windows or doors in your measurements).

  • The budget you have in mind

  • Current photo’s of the space and any furniture that will remain. (Being able to curate a range of products for you is our speciality so having as much information as possible like photo’s allows us to advise you on appropriate products that suit your current wall colour, light fittings and window treatments).

  • Any extra information worth knowing like 'do you have children or pets we need to consider?'

Yes of course! If you’re both looking for one-on-one advice about a product or designing a concept please book two appointments so we can allocate enough time to both of you.

I have more questions!

We’d love to hear from you! Send us an email at or get a quick response on our appointment form. Our customer service team is highly responsive and are happy to answer any questions you may have - it’s no trouble.

Our studio boasts a wide array of our furniture and homewares specialties are laid out for you to experience. Sample our products of design, customise your choice of fabrics & colours, appreciate natural beauty found in timbers and all the little nuances that heighten your senses.

Just call us or send us a simple email to make an appointment booking. It’s too easy! Alternatively, drop by our studio from Monday to Sunday during opening hours and make a booking. See you soon!

Currently on Display

Items on show in our studio are carefully curated by our team of in-house

designers to reflect the current season and trend