One peculiar piece of furniture in the bedroom is the bed head. Often called a headboard, the bed head is an optional item in a bed ensemble. Its traditional use was to isolate sleepers from drafts and cold in less insulated buildings. But these days, our bed heads are a statement of style. Standing upright, the bed head is what you see first when you look at a bed –it creates the first impression on our sleeping area. To go along with comfort and a cosy environment, each bedhead is selected carefully.

The key to getting our headboard right is to decide what we want. Do we want it to stand out from the bedframe or do we want it to blend in? Upholstery creates a soft backdrop for a bed that blends in well with any mattress. Wood on the other hand,brings a rustic, modern background. Steel patterns go perfectly with a Colonial or Provincial look. It’s entirely up to your preference and style to choose any bed head for your bedroom.

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