Everyone hates clutter in the dining room. Decluttering starts with good organising. And good organising starts with good storage. Thankfully, we have the option of buffets and sideboards keep away all our stuff –dinnerware, wine glasses and kitchen towels–you name it! Sideboards and buffets may look uninteresting (rectangular withdrawers and cabinets)but they provide versatile functionality. Want to hide stuff? Put them in the drawer, cabinet or shelf. Want to display décor? Put them on top of the buffet.

Besides variety of function, we love the huge selection of styles and materials the buffet comes in. Wood and timber are perfect for a large piece of furniturelike a sideboard. Steel and metal also are great for adding a modern look. A simple Google search will pop up thousands of irresistible designs. Alternatively, you cancheck outour variety of buffets and sideboard concepts below curated especially for you.

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