Ottoman, Poufs & Footstools

One word aptly describes Ottomans – Funky. Unlike any other type of furniture, Ottomans are made to stand out. They often appear a little out of place, but their misfit looks add a mysterious charm to a living room. Much like a sofa had a baby with a footstool resulting in the birth of the Ottoman, these little furniture demand your attention. They come in an array of colours, sizes, shapes, and features. And these characteristics make them irresistible for filling up space in your living room.

What we absolutely love about Ottomans is their versatile functionality. We love Ottomans that come with hidden storage. Hide away some of your mess in your Ottoman when your guests come over. You can even use them as stools for you dresser or as end-of-bed furniture. Don’t have a hallway bench to sit when putting shoes on? An Ottoman will do the trick! Plus, they are small, much like poufs and footstools and can be relocated around the home. We can assure you there’s an Ottoman to suit your funky tastes. Have a look at our selection below.

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