Coffee Tables

What’s the number one rule to fill up space in a living room? Add a coffee table of course! Coffee tables or side tables are great not only for aesthetic purposes but for functional reasons as well. Imagine walking into a living room with only a couch set, and nothing else. A room like that gets boring real fast.

Your choice of coffee table says a lot about your personality. If you prefer an all-wood coffee table, you’re most likely one who loves an earthy, organic feel. Choose a steel or metal coffee table and you are more inclined to an industrial, tidy look. No matter your preference, there’s a coffee table just for you.

At L3Home, our coffee and side table collections feature unique designs from all over the world. From the clean, angular Scandinavian motifs and clear glass Luxe tables with polished gold, to Australia’s favourite rustic looks, we have something for you. Take your time, browse the selection, or pair it with our premium selections of living room furniture to complete your home.

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