End of Bed

Do you ever wish you had a longer bed? If you answered ‘Yes’, we’ve got good news for you! You need an end of bed. Essentially a bench that goes at the feet of your bed, the end of bed is a neat piece of furniture that complements your ensemble. You’ll definitely need one if you love having multiple pillows and blankets for those cold nights. Or if you’re one who can’t resist keeping your next day’s attire close by, simply lay them on the end of bed bench. What’s better, you can even put your bed bench along the side of the wall or literally anywhere else.

As is with any other type of bench, the end of bed furniture has huge variety when it comes to materials. Often made from timber and wood along with steel legs and frames, these benches create a sense of perspective to a bed. Upholstery choices can complement the soft texture of your bedsheets too. Go ahead and increase your bed length by adding any one of these end of beds below.

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