Benches & Seating

Did you know that furniture can create an illusion of space? A bench can do this perfectly for a hallway. Benches are usually rectangular in shape, creating a perception of a long corridor or entrance. You may think seating is unnecessary for a hallway, but you would be mistaken. Larger hallways such as those beside a staircase allow benches for reading or even storage. Some of our favourites are the Deco Luxe, Scandinavian, Boho, and Rustic benches. They’re simple and easy to pair alongside other hallway furniture.

Add a shoe rack in your entrance and you will need some seating to complement it. A bench allows you to comfortably rest while putting your shoes on. It also gives you a neat environment to gather your thoughts before heading out the door. Whatever your preferred style, we’ve got it. Browse the selection of benches and seating below and find the perfect one for your hallway and entrance.

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