Bedroom Storage

You’re lying in bed, restless. You reach out for your phone at the bedside and there’s nothing there. You know why? You don’t have a bedside storage. They are simply the best storage option for things you need most when in bed. From your mobile phone to ambient light switches to your morning medication –a bedside table is a genius way to keep what you need within arm’s reach. Styling is great too! Match your bedside table to your other bedroom furniture or let it stand out with an abstract motif.

Options for bedside storage are as vast as any other storage selections. You have metal, timber, plastic and many other base materials for each selection. You can’t go wrong with a combination of wood and steel too, giving a modern, minimalist feel. More storage comes with the option of having drawers or shelves built in to your bedside table. Pick out your very own with our huge variety below.

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