Bar Stools

“Get off your high chair!” said no one ever when seated on a bar stool. Bar stools are the epitome of kitchen seating. They are humble, casual and have a relaxed feel to them. Get your mates over to the kitchen for a chat and you’ll see how bar stools work. While preparing your meal and drinks, your mates hang around the kitchen bench sitting on bar stools and high chairs. Bar stools also bring fond memories of breakfast on the kitchen bench while mum gets us ready for school. It’s no surprise then to find a huge variety of bar stools to go along any type of kitchen concept.

Choosing the right bar stools is no rocket science. It’s all up to your preference and style. Wood styles go along with literally any environment. Throw in a little polished metal for that industrial, urban look and you’ve got instant style points. Bar stools with rotating and swivelling seats are great for mobility too. And for added comfort, upholstery choices are limitless. From leather to fabric to linen, each add a taste of luxury to any bar stool couture. Take a look below for your very own set of bar stools in our collections.

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