Armchairs & Lounge Chairs

Give yourself a bit of Me-Time. Find that personal space in the living room to call your own and mark your territory in the living room by getting your very own lounge chair. The most popular of the lounge chairs, the Accent Chair and Arm Chair wrap around you while you read or watch your favourite TV programs, or simply chill in your living room. Think of them as one-person sofas. All the comfort, without needing to share with others. Who doesn’t love that?

Lounge chairs, like our personalities, have individual characteristics. Some have reclining features. Some have rocking or swivelling pieces for movement like rocking chairs. Others come with a footstool or Ottoman to rest your tired feet. There’s no limit to creativity either. Just playing around with lounge chair upholstery material can give your living room a whole new vibe. Fabric and velvet lounge chairs are soft and comforting while leather and faux leather bring out a royal feel of luxury. Whatever your preference, you’ll love our collection of arm chairs and lounge chairs below.

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