Wall Decals

The writing’s on the wall – pretty much the best way to describe wall decals. Quotes, anecdotes, poems and names are all part of the beauty of wall decals. Sometimes we need a little touch to make our house a home, and decals do the work. Decals create a mural-like art when they are large and colourful. A living room wall would be the perfect setup to a large piece. Decorating a baby’s room is also easy. Children’s cartoon characters and colourful shapes and figures as decals are great up in your kids’ room.

Make it simple and go for black decals on light-coloured walls for a start. From there, you’ll get many ideas on how to add more decals to your home. Decals can be used to inspire and energize people in an office. Positivity in the form of quotes and encouragements are great for a team. Whatever your choice, you can start with our selections below.